Serena : *finally sets a true date to premiere in any country*

Unfortunately Serena is NOT on the list of Cannes movies for this year :/ 
So the future of it is still unknown. :/

jenandbradley: This blog is like a comfort blanket that the film is actually real and happening THANK YOU

Yes. I have a faith in it. I believe in it and I hope we’ll get to see it soon. 

And you don’t  have to thank me darling. ^_^ But thank you anyways :D I’m glad it makes you believe too :D

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There are currently some rumors that Serena will be one of Cannes movies. That’d be perfect since Jennifer is attending this year!

Nothing is known for sure now. On 17th the official movie selection will be announced. 

We can only hope now and have our fingers crossed.

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More stills



See new images of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Serena.

I love how they used half of my edits and then got (found??) some I don’t have :D

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More Serena stills

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alvxandra: your tumblr is my last hope for this film :/

This is one of the sweetest messages.

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Set pictures from Czech National Museum 


Serena stills