We’ll see if it’s true or not. Stay tuned! Can’t promise these will happen!

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First look- Serena at CineEurope


European exhibitors also got a first look at Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in U.S. frontier costume drama Serena,which is set to be released in the last quarter of this year or the first of 2015 and presents a big festival hope for next year. x

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Everyone check the new Serena posters at CineEurope!

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At the buyers teaser event StudioCanal showed footage of upcoming titles including (…) Serena (…). After the event, StudioCanal CEO Olivier Courson told ScreenDaily that Serena was likely to debut at a major festival later this year. —Source / Via
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Susanne finally talked about Serena a little bit. (Yes, I’m shocked too guys)

She said that the movie is not out yet because they filmed it while planes were flying to Prague. And since it’s based in 1929 it would be really inappropriate if we’d hear it. 

Thanks to this actors must come into studio and record their lines. 

Susanne added that Jen is really busy and it’s really difficult to arrange for her to record it. 

Otherwise she said that the movie’s looking good and that she hopes it’ll be finally done during/toward the end of summer! :)

Bier also said that she really enjoyed working with Jennifer :)

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Serena : *finally sets a true date to premiere in any country*

Unfortunately Serena is NOT on the list of Cannes movies for this year :/ 
So the future of it is still unknown. :/

jenandbradley: This blog is like a comfort blanket that the film is actually real and happening THANK YOU

Yes. I have a faith in it. I believe in it and I hope we’ll get to see it soon. 

And you don’t  have to thank me darling. ^_^ But thank you anyways :D I’m glad it makes you believe too :D

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